Top 10 NHL Retro Jerseys ranked by there looks

By: Shivam

Image Credit: NHL

Toronto Maple Leafs

It’s great. The color pallet, the white shoulders and crisp logo are perfect

Philadelphia Flyers

The team will wear Orange & Black & Cooperalls during warmups

Anaheim Ducks

White Jerseys with Orange and black pallet. It creates sense of fun which also seen at the organisation level

Pittsburgh Penguins

These jerseys correctly emphasise the retro vibe

Los Angeles Kings

Purple and gold is a cheat code for the Kings. Purple or blue is my favorite too

San Jose Sharks

These are so beautiful which can make one cry

Florida Panthers

The logo is more visible and sharp in the jersey with cool blue color.

Colorado Avalanche

The jersey includes colors like dark blue, red, burn yellow.

Minnesota Wild

The team has seen a similar design before

Vancouver Canucks

The jersey include crisp logo, dark green, and light green colors