Vancouver Canucks acquire Riley Stillman from Chicago Blackhawks

News is surfacing that the Vancouver Canucks are trading Jason Dickinson to the Blackhawks for defenseman Riley Stillman.

This trade may prove good for Chicago’s team vision. On the other hand the Blackhawks are trying to completely rebuild their entire organisation, they are trying to acquire as many draft picks and prospects as possible.

Jason Dickinson’s acquisition by the Blackhawks fits with other additions from this offseason as this player’s value has shown a steady decline.

When Jason was playing in the summer of 2021 for the Canucks, the organisation felt highly of him but he turned out as a negative asset in a cap-shedding trade.

So it can also be said that Canucks acquiring Riley Stillman is less important than clearing Dickinsons’ contract. 

Stillman is a 24 year old lad with 12 points in the last season where he played 52 games. Rather being a new top of the chart defensemen in the team he will be used as a reinforcement for the defense part of the game.

Image Credit: NHL