Rhuigi Villasenor is the new Creative Head of NHL’s Arizona Coyotes

Arizona Coyotes is a NHL team which will play against the Vancouver Canucks tomorrow on 8th October.

News has come that fashion designer Rhuigi Villasenor has joined Arizona Coyotes as the Creative Strategist, he will help make the team look more cool.

Villasenor runs a creative agency Rheimagine. He will operate through his own agency only. With this we can expect to see different fan apparel, hoodies, shirts, etc.

Rhuigi Villasenor was conversing with Alex Meruelo Jr who is chief of Brand officer of the Coyotes. Alex showed his interest in the streetwear brand Rhude founded by Villasenor. They both had a common connection in merging sports and fashion.

Alex said “I have always dreamt of combining sports with fashion to create a big brand which can shine on the global front”.

He knew Rhuigi was the right guy for his goals. Alex said Rhuigi is a true visionary and will take the Coyotes brand to its next level.

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