Penguins remove Sam Poulin from NHL roster

On Saturday(October 8), The Penguins sent Sam Poulin back to their American Hockey League club, this way fans will not see him play in the NHL this time.

Mr. Sam was away from the game for a while due to death in his family. He had recently rejoined the Penguins.

In the 3-2 NHL preseason victory he gave his best against the Red Wings. After this match a player said he played hard and got a lot of speed.

After Sending Poulin back to AHL he surely is disappointed but at least he showed somewhat good performance last few weeks.

His coach Mike Sullivan quoted that he has progressed light-years ahead of what he was a year ago and he can become the 1st forward called when a player becomes injured.

Poulin was a 2019 1st round draft pick and there was no competitor in the training camp who improved as much as him.

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