No Evidence found in Ian Cole Sexual Allegation Case

On Saturday, NHL announced that they have not found any evidence in its investigation where Ian Cole(Tampa Bay Lightning player) was alleged for sexual assualt by a minor on twitter.

Ian was alleged by a girl for sexual assault, she posted on twitter that he forced him to have sex with him and he may also have done the same with other minor girls.

For the investigation purpose, NHL conducted many interviews with Ian Cole and several other club members, they reviewed social media accounts, public data, and court records.

They also tried to reach out to the twitter user who alleged Mr. Ian but this attempt was unsuccessful and that is why NHL has closed this matter.

For the time being, Ian was suspended from playing NHL but now as the case has been closed he will return to the game.

The Tampa Bay Lightning quoted “We look forward to Ian Cole returning to the team and appreciate his full cooperation throughout the process of this investigation”.

This has surely brought Ian to the limelight but in a negative way.

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