NHL’s new Digital Board ads glitched during game

With the pandemic the revenue streams for NHL teams like the arena ticket has already been hampered, to compensate this NHL is increasing advertisement options.

Earlier they put ads on the player’s helmet and then on the player’s sweater. It was an unlikely move before the pandemic as Gary Bettman said it would never happen in 2015.

During the match between the Vancouver Canucks and Edmonton Oilers the advertisements displayed on the dashboards glitched for a few seconds. 

This made the fans divert their attention from the ongoing gameplay. 

The ads jumped hither thither from there original position on the digital board. It was a disaster for the ads, they have gone mainstream and we will see them in future too.

Some Users on Twitter wrote that the ads give them a headache. We hope that the NHL will prevent such glitches from happening in the future.