NHL Goalie Dave Dryden RIP at the age of 81

Dave Dryden is no more with us, he died from complications after surgery for a blood clot. He passed on Tuesday at the old age of 81 years.

Dave has played for Chicago Blackhawks, New York Rangers, Buffalo Sabres, Edmonton Oilers. Coming to the stats, he has played in 203 NHL games with 66 wins, 76 loss, and 31 ties.

A mask which Dryden wore is on display at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, the special thing about it is that it is made of fibreglass with a cage.

Let’s see his awards. He was awarded the Ben Hatskin Trophy for being a top goaltender, another award is Gordie Howe Trophy for being league MVP.

Every one’s career comes to an end and so after end of his hockey career he became an elementary school principal in Oakville.

Many may not know that Mr. Dryden is the brother of Ken Dryden(Hall of Famer).

Image Credit: NHL