NHL Central Scouting releases Top Prospects for 2023

On Tuesday, the NHL central scouting service released its initial watch list of prospects for the 2023 NHL Draft.

The Central Scouting Services is a department within the NHL that ranks prospects for Entry Draft. The player with higher rating gets entry first.

Players are categorised into 4 categories. The 1st round prospects are given A rating, B rating is for players who appear in the second or third round. With C rating players appear in the later rounds. At last, players with LV rating are reserved for injured players.

In the watchlist 28 players were given “A” rating. Let’s see the top names. Here we have listed top 7 players with A ratings.

1. Cameron Allen

Currently in the OHL playing for the Guelph. Allen is an active defenceman, he supported Canada’s gold-medal squad at the Hlinka Gretzky

2. Colby Barlow

Currently in the OHL playing for the Owen Sound. Compared to the other NHL top prospects he is a better shooter.

3. Connor Bedard

Currently playing in the WHL for the Regina. Without any question he is the number 1 pick right now. To his name he has scored 10 goals and 21 points in 12 games and is leading the CHL in scoring.

4. Zach Benson

Currently playing in the WHL for the Winnipeg.  He is highly skilled, quick and fast. Zack has the grit to pick opponent’s apart on the power play.

5. Carson Bjarnason

Currently playing in the WHL for the Brandon.He has already won the WHL goaltender of the week title this year and is the top goaltending prospect.

6. Daniil But

Currently playing in the MHL for the team Yaroslavl. He is well versed in puck protection and can attack off to holds into the middle third.

7. Leo Carlsson

Currently playing in the SHL for the team Orebo. He scored 10 points in a total 12 games in the Swedish league.