NHL All Time Goal Leaders: Gretzky or Ovechkin

NHL has seen many great players both in the offense and the defence but who has the most goals to his name in his entire career.

Here we have listed all time goal leaders in the NHL.

1. Wayne Gretzky

When one asks who is the best goal scorer in NHL history the first name which always comes is of Wayne Gretzky. He has made many records which may never get touched by any other player in the NHL.

With a total of 894 goals he has earned the title of NHL most scorer in the history.  Some people are born with a purpose which is true for Gretzky too as he began skating at the age of two and a half and was taught hockey by his father.

2. Gordie Howe

The 2nd player which comes close to Gretzky is Gordie Howe. With a total of 801 goals he was only 93 goals behind Gretzky.

He holds the title for the oldest player to play a regular season, Howe was 52 when he played his last match and made his 801st NHL goal. He has played 1767 NHL games over 32 seasons.

3. Alex Ovechkin

The 3rd number on our list is Alex Ovechkin. One thing which separates Ovechkin from Gretzy and Howe is that he is an active player and still playing in the NHL. 

That means he is still scoring and making goals. Many speculate that he may surpass Howe and Gretzy to become the number 1 goal scorer of all time.

As of now he has 780 goals to his name. He is currently 114 goals behind Gretzky and is averaging 0.61 goals per game. At such a rate it would take him 186 games to break Gretzy’s record.

4. Jaromir jagr

After the 3 legends, the next one is Jaromir Jagr who has scored 766 goals.  He is currently 50 years old and is still playing with the Kladno Knights but may soon retire in February.

Jagr has won 2 Stanley Cup championships with the Penguins. He is a native of Ladno, Czechoslovakia where he lived with his parents on a farm.

Jagr was drafted by Pittsburgh in 1990.

5. Brett Hull

Brett Hull’s career has been exceptional. Being in the top scorers list and retiring from playing. He then became general manager and later became executive vice president of the St. Louis Blues(NHL).

Watching his stats he has 741 goals to his name throughout his career.

6. Marcel Dionee

He has played 18 seasons in the NHL for various teams like Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings, and the New York Rangers.

Dionee was drafted by the Red Wings in the 1971 entry draft and has 731 goals to his name. He is only 10 goals behind Brett Hull.

During his entire career his peak performance was seen in 1979-80 when he scored 137 points. 

7. Phil Esposito

Phil Esposito is a member of Hockey Hall of Fame and has played a total of 18 seasons in the NHL for teams like Bruins, New York Rangers, and BLack Hawks.

His official goal counts as 717. After retiring as a player he became the coach of New York Rangers and later co-fonded the Tampa Bay Lightning.