Kim Davis wish to see next Hockey Canada board to be inclusive

The Hockey Canada is going through a bad phase of sexual assault allegations. In May news came when a undisclosed settlement was paid to a woman who alleged sexual assault on her in 2018 by 8 players.

Similarly there were other scandals which emerged throughout spring and summer.

And last week, Hockey Canada president and CEO Scott Smith resigned. With this the entire board stepped down.

Kim Davis, the NHL’s executive VP of social impact was watching all this from afar. She expressed her views to the Canadian Press in a recent interview and quoted “There are certain hallmarks of strong leadership”.

“Now that there’s an opportunity to reimagine the board, I’m hoping that reimagining will include that kind of leadership.”

Many of the allegations against the junior team for sexual assault are not yet proven in the court.

Now that many have resigned, the new board of directors will be selected to make the board more inclusive and diverse. Like Kim Davis who herself is Black.

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