84% White people in NHL workforce Study says

A new study has been conducted by the NHL for the first time to examine the demographics of its staff and all the teams.

The data in the report showed that 83.6% of the entire NHL’s workforce was white by race and only 3.74% were black by race. This result shows that the game in itself has a lot to do to increase diversity at all levels.

Other stats from the data showed that men are 62% of total and 90% of players on the ice like the coaches, players and officials are white.

NHL executive Kim Davis expressed that the idea behind this study was to provide a fact based baseline using which one can begin to develop specific strategies around hiring.

The results from this study is not surprising as the sport is geographically based in America which has remained predominantly white.

Observing the male-female ratio, male accounted for around 60% and females accounted for 36.8% of the total workforce.