5 outstanding Player to watch this NHL Season

NHL(National Hockey League) is a ice hockey game popular in the United States. If you are a lover of sports like NBA, NFL, MLB, and especially NHL then you should keep an eye on these players because their performance is electrifying.

Connor McDavid

If one has to pick a player for top of the list it will always be Connor McDavid. He is the highest scoring NHL player with 73 points and 1.43 pts per game mark.

When he comes towards goal there is no defender who can defend this player. 

Cale Makar

He is an offensive defenseman and there is no one like him in today’s game. Being in his prime years of only 24 year old he has won Stanley Cup, Norris, Conn Smythe.

In the coming time he will surely become one of the greatest of all time.

Auston Matthews

Matthews entered the league in 2016 and since then he became the 1st player to reach the 60 goal mark in the decade. Being a goal-scorer he plays aggressively which is the need of the hour.

He holds the title of having the highest goals per game average in NHL history.

Nathan Mackinnon

Fans call him “Nate the Great”. He is a great player of Colorado’s which is one of the best. Analysing his game points and points per game he may rank third in the entire league.

Mackinnon comes after Draisaitl and McDavid by points per game. He also holds a Stanley Cup.

Leon Draisaitl

While playing with Conner McDavid for some years he has become a great and offensive player. 

In the recent seasons he became the first player in seven years to score at least 50 goals and 50 assists in a single season.